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Jeff Johnson at SD West 05

Jeff Johnson presented a class on "Web Bloopers: Avoiding Common Design Mistakes." His slides showed often-hilarious screen shots of actual Web sites. Jeff made time fly by showing a great many poorly designed Web pages, with the disconcerting premise that each of these must have seemed reasonable to the design team at the time. Jeff's material could probably have kept the audience engaged for an entire day, and so perhaps the most impressive feat was how he managed to structure the presentation in a way that explained the design flaws in a hierarchical fashion, each with its own set of subsections into which each design flaw could be categorized.

  Jeff's presentation is based on material covered in his book, Web Bloopers: 60 Common Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, which is available at Amazon.com.

By conscious decision, Jeff omitted some of the less interesting subsections and focused on the more intriguing ones. His presentation began with the most fundamental problems, such as flaws in the content, and flaws in the back-end architecture. Gradually, Jeff transitioned to more superficial problems. It was strangely interesting to experience a presentation that was both funny yet also very sobering and informative.

To read more about Jeff's company and ideas, please visit his Web site at www.uiwizards.com.

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