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Karl Wiegers at SD West 05

For Precision Quality Software, Karl Wiegers was the highlight of the conference. I had already on two previous occasions experienced his "full-day" seminar titled "In Search of Excellent Requirements" but I chose to experience it yet one more time. Attending Karl's seminars is similar to reading a well-written complex novel a second or third time: the suspense is no longer a factor, but one notices important yet subtle issues that were lost on a first-time attendee with my initial level of experience. Using a set of exceptionally clear and colorful slides, Karl methodically and clearly explained a very complex set of principles in a way that (by my observations) made the experience enjoyable to much of the audience - and to a third-timer such as myself.

It was no surprise that, by the next day, word had gotten out, and Karl's next presentation, titled "Software Requirements: 10 Traps to Avoid" had the highest level of attendance that I saw anywhere at SD West 05. Perhaps the most desirable aspect of Karl's approach is that he can communicate with an audience even if it has very little formal subject matter knowledge of requirements engineering -- because he defines each key concept clearly before using it.

Another unusual but desirable aspect of Karl's approach is that he does not present his material as inviolate and absolute truth, but rather as a set of concepts and techniques that are likely to be helpful to many of the situations encountered during requirements engineering. For example, Karl sometimes provides more than one definition, then chooses his favorite and explains the reasoning behind his preference. In my opinion, the requirements engineering industry has more than its fair share of false absolutes, embraced feverishly for a while, then abandoned in disgrace, in favor of the latest magic new technique. In that general context, it was refreshing to hear Karl's non-dogmatic approach.

  Karl's presentation is based on material covered in his book, Software Requirements Second Edition, which is available at Amazon.com.

To read more about Karl's company and ideas, please visit his Web site at http://www.processimpact.com.

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