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Precision Quality Software Co-Presents at SD West 05

During 2004, Precision Quality Software (PQS) completed a project in which PQS staff worked with Karl Wiegers of Process Impact, and with staff at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to develop a set of reusable nonfunctional (quality-related) requirements. The USPTO team leader, Trish Zwirnbaum, received permission from USPTO management to present the ideas to the software industry, with the intent of helping other organizations improve their software quality without having to re-invent the refined and complex set of processes that the USPTO developed.

Andre Gous and Trish Zwirnbaum
presenting at SD West 05

Trish decided that the SD West 05 conference (in Santa Clara, the week of March 14th through March 18th 2005) would be a good opportunity for sharing this wealth of information, and she presented the information together with Andre Gous of PQS. The presentation lasted 75 minutes. Trish spoke first, and described the context. Next, Andre explained how the requirements were developed. Trish wrapped up the presentation by explaining how the project is progressing in 2005.

The presentation drew approximately three times the crowd size of the next largest audience on that day in that room. The large audience, a high degree of audience interest and some great audience questions all indicate that the presentation was well-received. At SD West 05, the audience members tend to vote with their feet, by wandering out during a presentation unless they find it compelling. During the entire USPTO-PQS presentation, only four students of the 50+ students wandered off. This is an unusually low percentage.

PQS thanks the USPTO for its vision and looks forward to co-presenting with Trish again, should an opportunity arise.

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